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Automotive industry needs clearer roadmaps for self-driving cars

Automotive industry needs clearer roadmaps for self-driving cars
Developers of autonomous vehicle technology need to adopt a more realistic tone to avoid growing consumer scepticism towards self-driving cars, said the White Paper shown below which has recently been published. Many overly ambitious predictions for the arrival of Level 4 and 5 autonomy were pushed back in 2018, as the size of the task of safely navigating the full range of conditions encountered in urban environments became ever more apparent. 
22nd January 2019

Whitepaper offers tips on how to optimise code during development

Every programmer at some point during development would need to make changes to his or code to make it more efficient, either to deliver faster speeds or to run on less resources. This is what TASKING call code optimisation.
24th January 2017

How many Sensors are in a drone? What do they do?

How many Sensors are in a drone? What do they do?
MEMSIC has announced the availability of a whitepaper that spotlights and explains the various types of sensors and sensing technologies found in a typical drone product. The whitepaper’s infographic pinpoints the locations of the various sensors typically found in a drone and the whitepaper explains what they do.
7th April 2016

How to charge supercapacitor banks for energy storage

Supercapacitors (SCs), also known as ultracapacitors and electric double-layer capacitors, are finding use in a variety of power management applications. In automotive applications such as start-stop systems with regenerative braking, SCs can provide the energy needed to engage the starter to restart the combustion engine as well as accept the kinetic energy recovered during braking.
7th October 2014

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