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Automotive occupancy grid using TI’s single-chip mmWave sensor

This video demonstrates TI’s mmWave radar sensors enabling an occupancy grid (a top-down view of the reflectors outside of the car).

Parking object detection using TI’s single-chip mmWave sensor

This video demonstrates TI’s single-chip 77GHz mmWave sensors detecting various objects in a vehicle parking scenario.
10th January 2018

Driver vital sign detection demonstration using mmWave radar sensors

This video from Texas Instruements, demonstrates how developers can embed the single-chip 77GHz AWR1642 mmWave sensor into a driver seat and accurately detect driver vital signs.
9th January 2018

Automotive LED controller achieves higher power in lighting design

The TPS92830-Q1 automotive LED controller from Texas instruments allows you to achieve higher power in your automotive lighting design.
3rd January 2018

Renesas autonomy meets Shakespeare's smart and connected city

In 2016 Renesas Electronics selected the city of Stratford, Ontario, Canada (sister city to Willam Shakespeare's birth city in the UK) to develop the first chapter of it’s self-driving car development programme.
20th December 2017

Introducing Drive360 autonomous driving solutions

In this video, Chris Jacobs from Analog Devices discusses the company's Drive360 Autonomous Driving Solutions. Drive360 is a portfolio of products that enable autonomous driving solutions.
19th December 2017

Driver monitoring with TDA3x ADAS processors

Autonomous vehicles require driver monitoring including face detection, 3D face and eye tracking, drowsiness and blink detection.
24th October 2017

The future of telematics: what lies ahead for the connected car

Watch the video below and learn about the future of telematics, the trends the market is seeing, typical subsystems and how TI can address them from a product and systems standpoint.
3rd October 2017

Deep learning in Udacity​'s self-driving car nanodegree

Watch the video below to learn more about the new deep learning elective in Udacity​'s self-driving car, Nanodegree, co-developed with the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute.
25th September 2017

Smart driving - more connected

This video illustrates one of the key themes in smart driving - being more connected. You will also discover some of the ST products that enable them.
6th September 2017

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