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Connecting more and more cars to the cloud

Technology is transforming vehicles into smart devices. Increasingly, cars can interact with other cars, roadway infrastructure, smart homes, and just about everything else.

Water intrusion solutions feature smart passive sensors

Did you know that over 3% of all new vehicles have water leaks?
16th August 2018

Automotive infotainment high-side current sensing

This video from Texas Instruments walks through where one can find current sensing in automotive systems, as well as the typical discrete circuits used in such systems.
26th July 2018

Simplify your system design and reduce time to market

The S12 MagniV portfolio helps simplify system design with easy-to-use, expertly integrated mixed-signal MCUs for automotive applications.
26th July 2018

Automotive-grade MEMS oscillators for reliable timing

Improve reliability and performance in harsh environments with Microchip’s new automotive MEMS oscillators.
18th July 2018

Traffic monitoring using IWR mmWave sensors

This video explains how developers can use IWR mmWave sensors for robust sensing of vehicles and pedestrians in traffic monitoring applications using the traffic monitoring IWR mmWave sensors.
19th June 2018

Introducing Semper NOR flash memories

Introducing the latest in memory technology with Semper NOR Flash.
31st May 2018

Automotive current monitoring using high speed amplifiers

This video from Texas Instruments provides a brief overview of how high speed amplifiers like OPA 365-Q1 from Texas Instruments are being used in current monitoring applications to enable the next generation of hybrid and electric vehicles.
25th May 2018

No data loss automotive EDR with Excelon F-RAM

Conventional flash-based EDRs buffer data into volatile memory and then periodically back up into flash memory.
9th May 2018

Considerations for LIN transceivers in automotive applications

Explore where LIN transceivers are used in automotive applications. This video also highlights key considerations for selecting the right LIN transceiver.
2nd May 2018

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