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Enabling autonomous vehicles to see in adverse conditions

AI technology for self-driving cars is usually trained in ideal conditions.

Automotive DeepCover secure authenticators stop counterfeit parts

Counterfeit after-market automotive parts can ruin the ADAS driving experience. 
9th December 2019

100V bidirectional buck/boost controller provides protection

This video from Analog Devices introduces its LT8228 controller product designed for hybrid and EV vehicles.
6th December 2019

How AI reads the writing on the road

In this video, Nvidia is going to show you how this DNN has evolved to detect not just Lane lines, but also other important road markings and visual landmarks.
6th December 2019

Automotive ADAS Preregulator | Strata

The Strata enabled ADAS PREREGULATOR is an optimised power supply evaluation kit for automotive systems such as Infotainment or ADAS.
6th December 2019

Automotive imaging radar using TI mmWave sensors

There is still some confusion in the industry about the different roles that three major sensor types - camera, radar and LIDAR - have in a vehicle, and how each can solve the sensing needs of ADAS and autonomous driving.
29th November 2019

Energy infrastructure: Solutions for EV charging stations

As electric vehicles are becoming more popular the deployment of EV charging stations need to catch up and even surpass the speed at which EV’s are growing.
4th November 2019

How to enable thermal safety for automotive infotainment systems

This video was created to show how automotive infotainment and cluster systems are facing different thermal challenges that can be solved with TI temperature sensors in order to achieve systems thermal safety. 
4th November 2019

The next phase for autonomous cars

This video below an encore presentation from Arm TechCON 2019. 
24th October 2019

How AI avoids high beam glare for other vehicles

High beam lights can increase night time visibility range of standard headlights significantly; however, they can create hazardous glare to other drivers.
10th October 2019

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