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Automotive exterior lighting: rear light design challenges

LED-based lighting is increasingly popular in automotive exterior lighting since they are offering design flexibility and increased efficiency.

How to use radar tranceiving in ADAS and AD applications

Automotive cruise control, cross traffic alerts, and autonomous valet parking are all autonomous driving applications that utilise radar tranceiving.
15th April 2019

Processing power in automotive with ARM

This video is an introduction to Arm processing power in automotive.
15th April 2019

Autonomous AI with low power consumption on R-Car V3H

At the European R-Car Consortium Forum, Cortica demonstrates its in-vehicle unsupervised learning technology using the highly power-efficient CNN IP available in Renesas’ R-Car V3H SoC for premium front cameras.
3rd April 2019

Automotive Bluetooth Low Energy receiver reference design

This is a demo that shows how the TIDA-01632 can detect the location of a transmitting node through its two antennas.
18th March 2019

Navigation solution design for ADAS and autonomous vehicles

A new video explains how the ACEINNA Open Navigation Platform simplifies and accelerates navigation solution designs.
4th March 2019

Premium LED automotive lighting at embedded world 2019

ST’s LED array drivers fully integrate all functions required to drive high brightness LEDs.
28th February 2019

Automotive MCUs introducing Phase Change Memory (PCM)

Why is ST investing in Phase Change Memory?
27th February 2019

Automotive applications: telematics and networking

This video from STMicroelectronics will help you make all your automotive applications smarter.
15th February 2019

Image sensor operation in challenging lighting transitions

You know how it's hard to see when you're driving out of a dark tunnel into the sun?
6th February 2019

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