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Isabellenhutte Provides Formula 1 Teams With Controlled Means Of Acceleration

Current sensor controls high-speed electric motor. Nine top teams are using the IVT-F current sensor made by Isabellenhütte Heusler GmbH, during the 2012 Formula 1 season, which will start on March 18th in Melbourne, Australia. The module has been integrated in the so-called E-KER systems: E-KERS is an Electric Kinetic Energy Recovery System that was used for the first time in 2009 and which was integrated in Formula 1 cars again for the 2011 season.
31st July 2012

CTO Insights

CTO Insights
Did you know that Freescale delivered the world’s first silicon based pressure sensor for automobile engine control in 1980? Thirty years later, we are continuing this path of innovation by introducing the first fully integrated tire pressure monitor system. This System-in-a-Package senses the outside world through pressure, inertial, temperature, and battery life sensors, providing intelligence with an embedded microcontroller and software, and communicating to other systems through integrated RF and LF radio transceivers.
25th July 2012

The Infineon KP200 Pressure Sensor Improves Impact Protection for Pedestrians: Now Used by Continental for Safety System in Car Bumper

The Infineon KP200 Pressure Sensor Improves Impact Protection for Pedestrians: Now Used by Continental for Safety System in Car Bumper
The KP200 pressure sensor from Infineon Technologies AG plays an important role in increasing the protection of pedestrians and car occupants in the event of a collision. The pressure sensor is used in a new safety system that the automotive system supplier Continental AG has developed in collaboration with a well known automobile manufacturer. The first generation of the system is already being used in various premium vehicles. Continental chose pressure sensors of Infineon because they measure the air pressure pulse very reliably and rapidly – regardless of the ambient air pressure. The sensors have proven themselves for many years in another safety-related automotive application: as a side airbag sensor.
3rd July 2012

Dual Magnetic Sensor for Safety-Critical Car Engine Throttle Applications from NXP

Dual Magnetic Sensor for Safety-Critical Car Engine Throttle Applications from NXP
NXP Semiconductors N.V. today launched the KMA220, a dual magnetic sensor designed for all automotive applications where a mechanical angle needs to be measured. Integrating two sensor systems in a single package, it is particularly relevant for throttle control applications where a redundant system solution is required. Operating in a simple disk magnet configuration with no need for a PCB or external components, the KMA220 offers a unique solution to the automotive market.
2nd July 2012

Contactless high-precision current sensing

With the E524.50, ELMOS presents a sensor system for precise current measurement. The system features a compact size, galvanic isolation from the primary current, high dynamics, and it integrates an overcurrent alarm output configurable by the customer. Assembly tolerances can be compensated at application level by calibrating zero point and sensitivity, reaching high system precision. The sensor system includes the sensor cell, signal processing, and two permanent magnets for generating a magnetic field in support of the sensor element.
26th June 2012

Reed Sensor Solution for E-Car Connector Detecting

Reed Sensor Solution for E-Car Connector Detecting
Around 100 years after their invention, electric vehicles are experiencing a renaissance. If you believe the message of the IAA in Frankfurt, most cars will soon rely on electricity and it is considered a challenge to ensure the safe and efficient charging cycle of electric vehicles.
12th June 2012

Torque of a Motor Revolution

Oxford YASA Motors is finding that a TorqSense non-contact speed and torque sensor from Sensor Technology is an invaluable aid in the refinement of its world-leading motor designs. Used in a test rig to evaluate prototype motors, the sensor provides accurate and dependable real time information in a readily accessible format.
11th June 2012

Highly integrated, rugged magnetic sensor has discrete protection components incorporated into IC package

The MLX90364 Triaxis is a high accuracy linear and angular position sensor, from Melexis, which eliminates need for inclusion of a printed circuit board (PCB) within sensing modules. This device is based on a dual mold package construction, which integrates a 12-bit resolution position sensing die together with the decoupling capacitors necessary to meet the strenuous electro-static discharge (ESD) and electromagnetic compliance (EMC) requirements of automotive environments. Once encapsulated, this dual mold package can be welded or soldered directly to a rugged connector or termination and further potted or over-molded. The dual mold package simply makes the need for a conventional PCB arrangement redundant. Dedicated ears allow greater accuracy levels to be realized when mounting.
29th May 2012

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