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Advancing Automotive HMIs

Advancing Automotive HMIs
Kristof Lieben, application engineer for automotive electronics manufacturer Melexis, explores how optical-based proximity and gesture recognition is being used to augment touch-screen technology, in this interesting article from ES Design magazine.
3rd June 2013

Roboteq Launches Enhanced Sensor for Guiding Robotic Vehicles along Invisible Magnetic Tracks

Roboteq Launches Enhanced Sensor for Guiding Robotic Vehicles along Invisible Magnetic Tracks
Roboteq, Inc introduces a new magnetic guide sensor capable of detecting and reporting the position of a magnetic field along its horizontal axis. The sensor is intended for line following robotic applications, using adhesive magnetic tape to form a track guide on the floor.
8th May 2013

Piher’s new 360º potentiometer fits Home Appliances

Piher’s new PT15 offers engineers an endless rotation version of the popular PT15 rotary control. This new 360º version adds endless clockwise (CW or CCW) rotation as a part of the current features of the PT15s already highly configurable mechanical and electrical specifications. That means a wide variety of off-theshelf mounting methods, custom ohmic (resistance) values, tight linearity performance, along with the 7 different rotor designs and 15 standard shaft styles.
7th May 2013

Automotive-grade factory-programmable linear Hall-effect sensor ICs

Two new factory one-time programmable linear Hall-effect sensor ICs which eliminate the need for customers to optimise or program the devices for their finished sensor assemblies are now available from Allegro MicroSystems Europe.
7th May 2013

Bosch Manufactures One-Millionth Radar Sensor

Bosch Manufactures One-Millionth Radar Sensor
When driving a car, the most important point of reference is the vehicle in front. How far ahead is it, and how fast is it traveling? What humans can only estimate, radar sensors can measure with extreme precision around 20 times a second – which is why they form the basis of numerous powerful assistance systems. These systems automatically maintain chosen pre-selected distance from the car ahead, and in critical situations they provide warnings and hit the brakes of their own accord. At the time of writing, Bosch is manufacturing at its Reutlingen location near Stuttgart its millionth radar sensor that utilizes the 77 GHz frequency band. Series production began in 2000. For a long time volumes remained small, but now they are growing rapidly. While it took 13 years to reach the one-million mark, the next million will roll off the production lines in little over a year. “Driver assistance will experience a real boom in the coming years,” says Wolf-Henning Scheider, describing the dynamic affecting the sector for which he is responsible as member of the Bosch board of management. “Bosch will be delivering its ten-millionth radar sensor come 2016.”
7th May 2013

With its TLE496x Series, Infineon offers Hall Sensors of High Precision and High Energy Efficiency in Ultra Small SOT23 Packages

Infineon Technologies AG has launched Hall Sensors aimed at automotive and industrial applications demanding the highest precision, the lowest energy consumption and the smallest space requirements. The new TLE496x sensors are available in the world’s smallest package (SOT23) for Hall Sensors. They are based on a new 35µm process technology developed by Infineon. Based on this new technology Infineon can now offer Hall Sensors with various magnetic switching thresholds in an ultra small package. These not only provide an extremely low current consumption of less than 1.6mA, they can also withstand a high operating voltage up to 32V. Additional features provided by the TLE496x product family are enhanced turn-on, reset, and turn-off characteristics compared with the previous generation as well as extensive protective functions for improved system quality, reliability, and control.
25th April 2013

Standex-Meder Electronics Announces MK28 Vane Sensor

Standex-Meder Electronics announces its new MK28 vane-operated sensors for harsh environments. These sensors combine the reed sensor and actuator magnet in the same rugged housing, and are ideal for applications in the automotive, industrial automation equipment, and robotics industries.
17th April 2013

Toshiba’s Full HD CMOS Image Sensor Delivers High-Resolution Images to Security/Surveillance and Automotive Designs

Toshiba’s Full HD CMOS Image Sensor Delivers High-Resolution Images to Security/Surveillance and Automotive Designs
Toshiba Electronics Europe has expanded its range of CMOS image sensors with a full HD device for the security/surveillance and automotive markets. The TCM5117PL 1080p device offers industry-leading >100dB high dynamic range (HDR), a fast frame rate of 60fps (at 1080p), and colour noise reduction (CNR) technology for better colour reproduction in low-light conditions.
20th March 2013

Programmable Digital Hall Effect Sensor From Melexis Delivers Best In Class Performance, Size And Cost

Melexis Technologies NV introduces a new programmable Digital Hall effect sensor with superior functionality and performance. The MLX92232 features EEPROM memory allowing re- programmable magnetic switching thresholds including hysteresis. It can easily be programmed to meet any Hall effect Switch or Latch specification for direct replacement of previous generation or competitors Hall effect sensors. The MLX92232 can be used to replace many inventory SKUs resulting in leaner manufacturing processes, reduced quality conformance expenses and lower inventory carrying costs. A novel 32 bit unique ID code in each sensor gives lifetime traceability.
20th March 2013

Melexis Introduces New Low Voltage Digital Output Hall Effect Sensors

Melexis Introduces New Low Voltage Digital Output Hall Effect Sensors
Melexis has announced the MLX92212 family of digital output Hall effect sensors. Built on an advanced CMOS process these AEC-Q100-qualified devices deliver robust, automotive level performance at competitive price points. They also require significantly less operating current than competing devices on the market.
19th March 2013

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