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Prodrive Roll Cage Gives High Levels Of Crash Protection In New Mini Rally Car

A new approach to roll cage design promises to make the MINI John Cooper Works WRC the safest car ever to enter the World Rally Championship. A combination of design innovation, rigorous analysis and exhaustive physical testing has allowed Prodrive to develop a new configuration of side-impact protection that could also improve the safety performance of other race and road cars.
11th July 2011

Safer Queues With New Technology

More than 20 per cent of all accidents involving trucks take place in traffic queues or similar situations. That is why Volvo Trucks has developed a system called Automated Queue Assistance (AQuA) which helps the driver in slow-moving queues by taking control of the vehicle. The system is being demonstrated between June 21st-22nd during at the HAVEit Final Event in Gothenburg, Sweden.
5th July 2011

Automatic Extended High Dynamic Range Image Sensor from Melexis focuses on Driver Assistance and Night Vision Systems

Melexis announces the launch of a new image sensor in the “Avocet” series, the MLX75412 extended HDR Image Sensor. The MLX75412 includes two on-chip functions: a high performing fully automatic Extended HDR and exposure control function named “Autobrite” and an adaptive histogram remapping function named “Autoview”. With these functions, a full feature set is offered which greatly simplifies building HDR cameras.
5th July 2011

High-g accelerometers for passive safety applications SMA550, SMA560

The SMA550 and SMA560 are versatile accelerometers for automotive passive safety systems. They are typically used as central sensors in the airbag Electronic Control Unit (ECU) and measure the deceleration rate of a vehicle during a collision to activate restraint systems, such as front and side airbags or seatbelt tensioner. Other applications like shock monitoring are also possible.
14th June 2011

32-bit MPC5604E MCU incorporates Ethernet connectivity and video compression to help reduce costs, bringing safer, more efficient parking to a broader range of vehicle models

Freescale Semiconductor today announced a new Qorivva 32-bit microcontroller (MCUs) built on Power Architecture(R) technology designed to make the surround-camera parking assist systems traditionally found in more expensive luxury cars more affordable and accessible for a broad range of vehicles.
14th June 2011

Euro NCAP now testing plug-in electric vehicles

Euro NCAP today publishes the results of seven new vehicles, including its first test of a fully electric car, marking the start of a series of EV tests in 2011.
13th June 2011

Gentex Rear Camera Display Mirrors Exceed Proposed US NHTSA Requirements

Gentex Rear Camera Display Mirrors Exceed Proposed US NHTSA Requirements
Studies reveal that mirror-borne displays are more effective than in-dash displays in helping to detect and avoid car reversing accidents
7th June 2011

Volvo ‘crash-test’ New Hybrid Truck

Volvo ‘crash-test’ New Hybrid Truck
Before Volvo Trucks releases any new model on to the market, the vehicle always undergoes a rigorous crash-test programme. The Volvo FE Hybrid is no exception, but with its 578 kg battery pack, it presents the crash-test engineers with new challenges.
1st June 2011

New Car Technology To Save Dozens Of Lives

New safety systems being fitted to British cars are set to save thousands of pedestrian injuries and dozens of lives each year, it has been revealed.
1st June 2011

Safer Blind-side Turns With Volvo Trucks

Volvo has developed a system that aims at solving the problem of the truck driver’s blind spot on the passenger side and the results of the research will be demonstrated today (17th May) in the Intersafe 2 EU project in Wolfsburg, Germany.
31st May 2011

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