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Safer Blind-side Turns With Volvo Trucks

Volvo has developed a system that aims at solving the problem of the truck driver’s blind spot on the passenger side and the results of the research will be demonstrated today (17th May) in the Intersafe 2 EU project in Wolfsburg, Germany.
31st May 2011

austriamicrosystems´ chip set for Continental’s crash prevention system on the road

austriamicrosystems has announced that their ASIC chip set for automotive Laser-based obstacle recognition systems (LIDAR) has been selected by the international automotive supplier Continental and is now entering high volume production.
25th May 2011

New Ford Focus Makes Euro NCAP History With Recognition For Advanced Safety Technologies

New Ford Focus Makes Euro NCAP History With Recognition For Advanced Safety Technologies
With the new Focus, Ford has become the first non-premium automaker to win two Euro NCAP Advanced rewards.
25th May 2011

Thatcham Unveils Giant Step Forward For Pedestrian Safety.

New safety systems being fitted to British cars are set to save thousands of pedestrian injuries and dozens of lives each year, it has been revealed.
23rd May 2011

Gentex Announces New Programs on Two Dodge Brand Models

Gentex Corporation has announced that it is supplying auto-dimming mirrors with its SmartBeam® high-beam headlamp assist technology for the all-new 2011 Dodge Durango and Dodge Charger. The Durango, a full-size support utility vehicle (SUV), and the Charger, a world-class performance sedan, are both currently being sold in the United States and Canada.
16th May 2011

Gentex Shipping Mirrors for Nissan's All-Electric Car

Gentex Corporation has announced that it is shipping interior auto-dimming rearview mirrors for Nissan's 2011 Leaf. The Leaf, a four-door hatchback being sold around the globe, is available in the U.S. with auto-dimming mirrors on both the SV and SL trim levels.
16th May 2011

TI automotive safety portfolio expands to offer airbag squib driver family

Texas Instruments Incorporated today introduced the TPIC71004-Q1 four-channel squib driver for airbag deployment, providing an optimized integrated catalog device that is reliable and cost-effective. The four-channel squib device is part of a family of multi-squib driver devices that allow flexibility for airbag designers to quickly and cost-effectively scale their design to the needs of their system. The family joins TI’s product portfolio and comprehensive support network for automotive safety system designs encompassing airbags, braking, stability control, tire pressure monitoring systems and electronic power steering.
16th May 2011

Two Eyes Are Better Than One – The Stereo Camera

Continental will add a stereo camera to the comprehensive ContiGuard safety system as an integral element of its forward looking braking systems. This will help prevent or at least reduce the seriousness of the frequent accidents involving pedestrians or with vehicles at intersections; to date, accidents like these make up almost half (46.6 percent) of those traffic accidents in Germany that result in major personal injury.
9th May 2011

Continental focuses on direct tire pressure monitoring systems

International automotive supplier Continental recommends car manufacturers worldwide the consistent use of direct measuring technology in their new car models to ensure that vehicle tires are always inflated to an optimum level. This recommendation is owed to steadily rising requirements to tire pressure measurement. It also reflects the significant potential of direct measuring technology, making it possible to exploit the greater contribution to CO2 reduction.
3rd May 2011

Infineon Introduces Industry’s First Signature Watchdog Device CIC61508 Enabling ASIL-D Approved Safety Applications With Its 32-Bit Microcontrollers

Infineon Technologies AG today announced its intelligent Signature Watchdog CIC61508. In combination with the company’s powerful 32-Bit TriCore microcontrollers and the dedicated SafeTcore software, the CIC61508 can provide monitoring features compliant up to the highest risk level of functional safety according to the IEC61508 and ISO26262 automotive industry standards. The CIC61508 is a safety watchdog which can be integrated into safety relevant applications such as Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), Electric Power Steering (EPS), airbag control, damping systems, and powertrain controls. The watchdog monitors the main microcontroller typically used in these types of embedded systems by providing features to detect common failure modes of clock, power supply and temperature related computational errors on the microcontroller. With its small TSSOP-38 footprint, the CIC61508 is a space saving and cost-effective option for supporting safety applications.
28th April 2011

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