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Robust rearview camera on Jacinto 6 infotainment processors

This video demonstrates how TI's Jacinto 6 infotainment processor supports a fast start rearview camera solution that detects and manages frozen camera frames while also handling different infotainment fault conditions.

Jump-start your space design with the TPS7H3301-SP EVM

The TPS7H3301-SP is the first DDR memory-termination LDO for space applications.
13th July 2016

Start-stop effect on BLDC motor drives

This video demonstrates the DRV8305-Q1’s ability to drive a motor during a cold crank situation.
13th June 2016

Automotive USB short-to-battery protection

This video from Texas Instruments discusses the industry's leading USB short-to-battery protection for automotive applications.
23rd May 2016

eCall reference design improves power management & audio

This design is for vehicles equipped with eCall systems which has the capability to enable phone calls to emergency service centres in the event of an accident.
16th May 2016

Automotive Hall sensor rotary encoder reference design

Learn how to use an incremental rotary encoder that uses contactless magnetic sensing to detect rotational speed and direction.
16th March 2016

Driverless Cars with Grant Imahara

Imagine a driver-free world. Learn about the key trends and technology paving the road ahead. Join Mouser and host Grant Imahara for a ride in the passenger seat as they discuss autonomous driving and automated sensors with the DeLorean.
15th December 2015

Ask an expert - How can an IPM be used in an automotive application?

This video will introduce you how an IPM (Intelligent Power Module) can be used in an automotive application. ON Semiconductor’s IPM for automotive, is an innovative 3-phase motor driver module that significantly reduces the space, weight and cost of the motor control thanks to the PCB-free design.
14th August 2015

First intelligent traffic light in the port of Hamburg

In June, NXP Semiconductors and the Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) jointly unveiled the first intelligent traffic light for the port of Hamburg that optimises the flow of truck traffic and guides drivers through the increasingly heavily used port more quickly and safely.
14th August 2015

RFID license plate – A fingerprint for every vehicle

This video from NXP Semiconductors shows how secure RFID in the license plate acts like a fingerprint for each vehicle. This technology improves traffic flow and security.
7th August 2015

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