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New Sensor from Continental Increases Pedestrians' Chances of Survival in an Accident

Pressure sensors in the bumper reliably detect accidents involving pedestrians and activate the safety systems in the vehicle's body.
15th March 2011

Crash sensors fitted in cars can gauge the severity of an accident in milliseconds

Continental has produced 250 million acceleration and pressure satellites in Regensburg and Ingolstadt over the past 16 years.
15th March 2011

Continental enhances Electric Vehicle Safety

The evSAT sensor detects accidents involving electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles and shuts off their high-voltage batteries. Series production of the sensor will begin in 2012.
15th March 2011

Continental develops Frontal Impact Safety System for the EcoCarrier Electric Truck

Continental implements an occupant safety system for the electrically-powered light truck, consisting of airbags for the driver and front-seat passengers and three-point seat belts.
15th March 2011

Camera Sensor Enhances Automotive and Surveillance Safety

Melexis announces the launch of the MLX75411 “Avocet” High Dynamic Range image sensor. Originally designed for automotive driver assistance and night vision applications, this camera sensor chip will also be beneficial for security/surveillance cameras, fleet safety cameras, truck blind spot cameras, transportation/heavy vehicle cameras, and other outdoor and all weather cameras.
9th March 2011

USCAR'S Occupant Safety Group Constructs Front-end Vehicle-pedestrian Crash Test Fixture

An R&D group of the United States Council for Automotive Research LLC (USCAR), the collaborative automotive technology organization of Chrysler Group LLC, Ford Motor Company and General Motors Company, recently designed and fabricated a test fixture and procedures to evaluate the impact devices and dummy components to be used for pedestrian-related testing.
9th March 2011

Innovative Delphi Sound Generators Help Warn Pedestrians of Oncoming Hybrid and Electrical Vehicles

With two new vehicle sound generators, Delphi Automotive can help global vehicle manufacturers warn pedestrians of approaching hybrid and electric vehicles. Designed to comply with legislation expected to mandate minimal sound for both hybrid and electric vehicles, these environmentally friendly sounders are not only robust, but compact, light weight and low cost. The single-box solutions are lead-free, waterproof and temperature resistant.
7th March 2011

Freescale offers on-chip security features for prevention of automotive electronics tampering

The security of automotive electronics systems is an escalating topic of concern for automotive OEMs, owners and the insurance industry. Electronic control of automotive systems is steadily increasing, with large amounts of data streaming through body control modules (BCM)/gateways. Freescale Semiconductor is helping significantly reduce the security risks for that data with new additions to its MPC56xx family of Qorivva 32-bit microcontrollers (MCUs) built on Power Architecture technology.
1st March 2011

DSI Consortium announces version 1.0 Technical Specifications for the DSI3 standard

The Distributed System Interface (DSI) Consortium has finalized and released the DSI3 version 1.0 technical specifications.
21st February 2011

SMA560 MEMS acceleration sensor for airbag control units Bosch acceleration sensors – more functions in even less space More than 40 percent space saving

The dual-axis SMA560 model for airbag control units marks Bosch’s entry into the fifth generation of micro-mechanical acceleration sensors. As opposed to sensors of the previous generation, this new model, in its SOIC8 housing, combines space savings of more than 40 percent with an unprecedented variety of functions. This means that circuit designers can assign one of four measuring ranges to each sensing axis independently. Via the serial peripheral interface, the sensor outputs the measuring values in either Bosch-SPI or Open-SPI format. The SMA560 can currently be ordered as a sample. The SMA550 sensor is available with the same parameters but with only one sensing axis – both are RoHs-compliant.
21st February 2011

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