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Axeon to reduce size, weight and cost of EV & Hybrid vehicle batteries

Axeon has been awarded research funding from the EU to dramatically reduce the weight, volume and cost of batteries in electric and hybrid vehicles as part of a consortium programme called SmartBatt.
26th April 2011

Microcontroller based – digitally controlled DC Load Electronic DC Load

Zentro-Elektrik is announcing topically with its electronic DC load series DCL3000 a load for highest demands.
20th April 2011

Cost-effective Passenger Car Hybridization With ZF

The project team supported by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology works on integrating hybrid power electronics into the transmission. This will make hybridization of volume production vehicles easier and more cost-efficient spanning all manufacturers.
20th April 2011

IR’s New Family of Automotive-qualified MOSFETs Offers Rugged, Compact System Solution

International Rectifier today introduced a family of rugged automotive qualified MOSFETs for a range of applications used in Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) and hybrid vehicle platforms. Utilizing IR’s proven planar technology, the new MOSFET devices are available in an SO-8 package. Comprising both single and dual N and P channel devices, in addition to N and P channel devices integrated into a single package, the new family offers a rugged, compact system solution for driving multiple outputs or half-bridge circuits in automotive applications.
20th April 2011

Powerstax Introduce 3000w Ruggedised Rack Mount DC-DC Power Supply

Powerstax Introduce 3000w Ruggedised Rack Mount DC-DC Power Supply
Latest news from Powerstax is the introduction of the TVR3001, a 3000W DC-DC power conversion rack that has been developed specifically for harsh environmental conditions. In a highly efficient configuration, each of the three individual modules within the rack contain two of Powerstax’s versatile F501 full brick DC-DC converters, coupled with a two phase boost converter to provide a standalone power solution. The Powerstax TVR3001 is ideal for use in vehicle or remote applications and the system is designed to protect the internal electronics from the ingress of dust.
20th April 2011

Vishay Launches New Low-Profile, Surface-Mount Avalanche Rectifiers with 20 mJ EAS

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. today introduced nine new series of low-profile, surface-mount standard, fast, and ultrafast avalanche rectifiers with 20 mJ EAS avalanche capability and industry-high forward currents up to 4 A in compact, space-saving SMP and SMPC packages.
19th April 2011

Vishay Intertechnology Releases Industry’s First Green, RoHS-Compliant (Without Any Exemptions) Thick Film Rectangular Chip Resistor in 0603, 0805, and 1206 Case Sizes

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. today introduced the industry’s first green, RoHS-compliant (without any exemptions) thick film rectangular chip resistor. Offering a completely lead (Pb)-free resistor body with pure tin solder contacts and a metal glaze on a high-quality ceramic, the RCG e3 is AEC-Q200 qualified and provides stability of 1 % for 1,000 hours at + 70 °C in three case sizes.
13th April 2011

Vishay Intertechnology’s New Series of HI TMP® TANTAMOUNT® Surface-Mount Solid Tantalum Chip Capacitors is Industry’s First to Feature 10 µF Capacitance at 12 V or 21 V and 500 Hours of Continuous Operation at + 200 °C

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. today introduced a new series of HI TMP TANTAMOUNT surface-mount solid tantalum chip capacitors that are the industry’s first such devices to offer a capacitance value of 10 µF at 12 V or 21 V and 500 hours of continuous operation at +200°C, without the need for voltage derating. The closest competing device offers a maximum operating voltage of only 5 V.
13th April 2011

STMicroelectronics Demonstrates New Ultra-Low-Power Technology for Energy-Efficient Applications

STMicroelectronics today announced that it has successfully demonstrated a next-generation variation of its world-leading smart power technology. The new technology is expected to enable significant reductions in the power consumption of a wide range of electronic systems – from new medical equipment to battery chargers in hybrid electric vehicles.
8th April 2011

Microchip Expands 8-bit PIC® Microcontroller Portfolio With New 20-pin Family

Microchip Technology Inc today announced an expansion of its existing 28-/40-pin PIC16F72X microcontroller (MCU) family with two new 20-pin devices—the PIC16F(LF)720 and PIC16F(LF)721. The new MCUs feature low power consumption, making them suitable for various low-power and battery-powered applications. These MCUs offer up to 7 KB of self-write Flash program memory, a temperature-indicator module, an 8-bit Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC), a capture/compare PWM module, and various serial communication peripherals, such as I2C™, SPI and AUSART. The highly-integrated MCUs enable engineers to reduce board size, component count and overall cost for a variety of applications in the appliance (e.g. blenders, refrigerators, dishwashers); consumer/home electronic (e.g. TV remote controls, toys, phones, set-top boxes); industrial (e.g. digital water heaters, security systems, humidity sensors); and automotive (remote lock systems, power seats, level sensors, lighting control) markets, among others.
6th April 2011

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