BU210xx series of 4-wire resistive touch panel controller ICs

Posted By : Jacqueline Regnier
BU210xx series of 4-wire resistive touch panel controller ICs

Although capacitive touch panels capable of multi-point detection are increasing in popularity, there is still much demand for lower cost resistive touch technology in digital cameras, car navigation systems, and other applications. The resistive touch method typically provides 1-point detection operation using a stylus/pen or for simple button selection. However, ROHM has successfully developed and mass-produced 2-point detection controller ICs that are market-proven and have been widely adopted in automotive applications such as displays for audio and car navigation systems.


・Resistive touch panel

A touch panel consisting of two sheets (film and glass) laminated to each other. The touchscreen itself consists of an indium tin oxide (ITO) film with dot spacers to prevent erroneous touch detection. The point of contact can be determined by reading the electric potential from one sheet while applying a voltage to the other.

・Capacitive panel

 A touch panel capable of detecting the point at which a finger makes contact by measuring changes in the electrode's capacitance. Compared to resistive displays, which detect changes in pressure, capacitive panels are better suited for multi-touch use.


 2-Point Detection Touchscreen Controller IC Lineup

Compatible with 4-wire resistive touch panel

Integrated CPU, capable of 2-point gesture detection

No external parts required

Calibration function absorbs characteristics changes due to temperature, aging, and production variations

Operation possible while wearing gloves or with fingernails

Comparison of screen control functionality




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