Telematics product for EV market for wide range of vehicles

21st May 2019
Posted By : Alex Lynn
Telematics product for EV market for wide range of vehicles

International automotive technology supplier ERM Advanced Telematics, whose products are installed in more than five million vehicles worldwide, is expanding into the booming electric vehicle (EV) market. The company is planning later this month to launch StarLink EV, a telematics product for the EV market that can be used in cars, buses, trucks and even motorcycles and scooters. 

The new product will be offered to the company’s customers and partners in over 65 countries beginning this June.

ERM sees as a natural continuation of its business strategy the entry into the EV market as part of its overall plan that is based on predicting future trends for enabling advanced services and technologies in the global automotive market. The electric vehicle (EV) market represents a quantum jump for the more than century old conventional auto industry. 

Electric vehicles are based on a powerful battery relative to traditional batteries, and are sold with 48, 72 and up to 100V per battery. This allows for sufficient power to operate all of the car’s various systems and enable a driving experience that is on par with that of gasoline and diesel operated vehicles. 

The entire range of automotive systems are controlled and managed by the vehicle’s computer and through a network that is similar in its means of operation to CANBUS, which is used in older vehicles. The term ‘connected car’ refers to the telematics capability of remotely locating and controlling the vehicle and is feasible only with late model or new cars. 

The subject has taken on extreme importance in the EV market, and the ability to remotely locate and upgrade the various systems and in future to enable the fixing of bugs, updates and additional services without the need of implementing a recall forms the basis for succeeding in this new market sector.

ERM’s new StarLink EV solution has being adapted for high voltage use of up to 100V and will enable the utilising of the technological advantages that have already been developed by ERM for the conventional auto market and to adapt them for the future EV market. 

StarLink EV will be equipped with an internal backup battery, with ERM’s award winning technology for analysing driver behaviour and identifying accidents. It will be supported by Bluetooth communications using an attachment for cellular phones or various sensors and the company’s CAN Engine technology that will allow a sophisticated attachment to the vehicle’s computerised systems via the CANBUS.

Eitan Kirshenboim, CMO at ERM Advanced Telematics, said: “The fast developing electric vehicle market will become extremely significant in the coming years throughout the world. Part of our vision is to supply advanced technological solutions that will create added value for our partners and end user customers, while at the same time allowing drivers to be even more connected to their vehicles.” 

“We view the EV market as a prime growth accelerator for telematics solutions which enable the remote analysis of vehicles that travel on the roads today and in the future. The StarLink EV represents ERM’s initial entry and the first of a planned line of products to serve this emerging market that will enable our partners to greatly expand the services they provide and to grab a segment of the emerging EV market in addition to their existing markets.”

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