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Toshiba Launches New Line-up of Image Recognition Processors

Toshiba Launches New Line-up of Image Recognition Processors
Toshiba Electronics Europe has expanded its line-up of image recognition processors with the launch of the TMPV760 series. Supported by 14 hardware-based image recognition accelerators, the first device in this new series will support the implementation of next generation Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADASs). 
13th November 2014

Micrel and Silicon Micro Sensors Partner to Deliver Best-in-Class Megapixel Ethernet Camera For Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) & Industrial Vision

Micrel, Inc and Silicon Micro Systems today announced a brand new HDR-CMOS Megapixel Ethernet Camera for Automotive and Industrial systems.  The production-ready camera is designed and manufactured by camera specialist SMS (Silicon Micro Sensors GmbH a daughter of First Sensor) and features Micrel’s unique low emissions networking solutions.
11th November 2014

MCU addresses self-driving vehicle challenges

MCU addresses self-driving vehicle challenges
Renesas aims to offer users a safe, secure and convenient driving experience by easing the design challenges of developing self-driving and other driver assistance systems. A high-end version of the RH850/P1x series of 32-bit automotive MCUs, the RH850/P1x-C series is designed for sensor fusion, gateway and advanced chassis system applications that will enable the advanced systems envisioned in the car of the future.
6th November 2014

Processors enhance digital cockpit integration

To enable customers to augment infotainment and pair informational ADAS features, Texas Instruments has added signal processing functionality to the DRA75x processors. This combination will allow customers to produce cars with digital cockpit integration as well as traditional infotainment features without compromising performance. Delivering a diverse portfolio of products with hardware and software compatibility, the Jacinto 6 EP and Jacinto 6 Ex processors enable automotive manufacturers to scale their investment without additional R&D or significant BOM increase.
27th October 2014

Processor develops sophisticated ADAS applications

Designed to help car manufacturers develop sophisticated advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) applications, the TDA3x processor family has been released by Texas Instruments. Using the automotive SoC family, manufacturers can develop ADAS applications that meet or exceed NCAP requirements, reduce collisions on the road and enable a more autonomous driving experience in entry- to mid-level automobiles.
23rd October 2014

Infotainment companion chip supports 4K multimedia

Infotainment companion chip supports 4K multimedia
Supporting hi-res multimedia connectivity and camera devices with ethernet AVB standard, Toshiba has introduced the TC358791XBG automotive companion chip. The AEC-Q100 Grade 3 qualified chip, features differential CVBS interfaces for analogue composite video sources, support for early back-up camera view (CVBS to LVDS) and the ability to relay packetised IQ audio tuner data to the host via USB.
23rd October 2014

1.35MP CMOS image sensor enhances automotive safety

1.35MP CMOS image sensor enhances automotive safety
Designed for automotive safety applications, the MLX75421 Blackbird has been introduced by Melexis. This High Dynamic Range (HDR) image sensor provides an extensive set of on-chip functional safety (ASIL) support functions, making it suitable for automatic emergency braking, electronic mirrors/camera monitor systems, autonomous evasive steering and next-gen viewing applications.
22nd October 2014

Automotive connectivity chips on parade in Detroit

Broadcom has been demonstrating its strengths at the 2014 SAE Convergence Conference & Exhibition by showcasing its full line of automotive connectivity technologies, including the BroadR-Reach Automotive Ethernet portfolio and wireless combo chips. Industry analysts predict 100 percent of new cars to be Internet-enabled by 2025, an industry revolution that will redefine the driving experience
21st October 2014

Allies plan automated driving innovations

Vector and BASELABS have formed a partnership with the goal of jointly creating products and services for the development of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and automated driving. Vector will focus on special software tools for the development of ADAS and automated vehicles. BASELABS concentrates on software for data fusion in multiple-sensor scenarios, including the necessary algorithms.
12th October 2014

Industry’s first backside illumination image sensor

Industry’s first backside illumination image sensor
OmniVision Technologies has announced what the company claims to be the automotive industry’s first backside illumination (BSI) image sensor and a powerful companion processing chip. The OV10640 BSI sensor offers high dynamic range of up to 120dB in highly compact automotive-grade packages.
15th August 2014

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