Customisable dashboards developed with MTA Studio

15th November 2016
Source: MTA S.p.A
Posted By : Enaie Azambuja
Customisable dashboards developed with MTA Studio

MTA presents at Electronica 2016 its full range of dashboards and control units developed with MTA Studio, a software tool that allows customers to easily customise the units. Today the range includes the Spot, Quik and Quik Plus, Revo and Revo Plus dashboards, whose different display sizes, dimensions, shapes and specifications meet many requirements of vehicle manufacturers.

Completing the range developed with MTA Studio are the two control units Dyna and Actua, intended to drive actuators. MTA Studio is a software available on PC, developed in-house by the MTA team of electronic designers, which allows the customer to customise dashboards and control units according to their needs, thanks to its exceptional configurability.

Through MTA Studio, not only can you configure the cluster but it can also be programmed with C/C++, LADDER, FBD, for the operational logics. For the HMI graphics, the interface is WhatYouSeeIsWhatYouGet that allows the user to see how the graphics will be presented at the end while creating the software.

Finally, the software also contains a real-time debugger and a set of libraries, with different functions available, which the customer can decide to use depending on the application requirements. 

Spot is the “entry level” dashboard of the range developed with MTA Studio and it presents some very interesting features: a round shape and a small size (external diameter of only 107 mm), as well as the IP66 protection, make this dashboard particularly suitable for small agricultural vehicles, or for those vehicles that need a large front visibility range, such as tractors for orchards, lawn mowers or sweepers.

Spot is composed of an LCD dot matrix (160x56 pixels); 18 indicators; 16 digital inputs; 2 analogue inputs; 1 CAN line and an output of 500mA. Quik is a modern dashboard whose lines have been designed by a design studio and its small size (230x120 mm) makes it particularly suitable for agricultural vehicles.

It features a central segmented LCD display; 2 analogue gauges with dial, arranged symmetrically; 1 indicator with LED bar located above; up to 23 LED indicators; 1 real-time clock and a buzzer; Can line with configurable terminal; up to 23 configurable digital inputs; 2 analogue inputs; 2 frequency inputs; an output of 500 mA. 

The Plus version of Quik stands out essentially for its central display, an LCD dot matrix (128x128 pixels), with a higher performance from the graphical point of view, thus allowing even greater customisation.

Revo is a control panel that stands out for its dot matrix display (180x128 pixels) with up to 4 analogue gauges; 32 indicators (turn signals, lights, different alerts, etc.); 2 CAN lines. Its Plus version, that is the top of the range dashboards developed with MTA Studio, is distinguished by its 4.3” TFT colour screen with video input that can be connected to a camera.

The power outputs of the Revo and Revo Plus allow the dashboard to be able to power external features, with the possibility of replacing part of the electronic control units on the vehicle; this characteristic makes the two dashboards perfect for all those applications where the instrumentation must be as compact as possible for obvious size and weight reduction requirements. Revo and Revo Plus are ideal for use on top-of-the-range cars and tractors, thanks to the IP65 protection on the back and the IP67 protection on the front.

The two Dyna and Actua control units, designed to drive different types of actuators, are also developed using the MTA Studio software tool. They can be supplied with 12V and 24V and differ from each other by the number of inputs and outputs and the processor computing power (higher for Actua).

The compact and robust design and IP 67 protection make them perfect for off-highway applications. With the range of dashboards and control units developed with MTA Studio, MTA is reconfirmed as a leading company in the vehicle electronics field, able to satisfy the OEMs with both custom-made products for large production series, and off-the-shelf, that can then be customised, for niche applications.

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