Automotive brushed motor driver for power folding side mirrors

13th June 2018
Posted By : Lanna Cooper
Automotive brushed motor driver for power folding side mirrors


This TI Design features the DRV8801EVM and the DRV8872EVM. These Evaluation Modules (EVMs) enable an easy-to-use platform to demonstrate the capability and performance of the DRV8801 and DRV8872 motor drivers for power-folding side mirrors. 

This TI Design also intends to allow easy evaluation of the automotive qualified versions of the DRV8801 and DRV8872 (DRV8801-Q1 and DRV8872-Q1).

The DRV8801-Q1 is a 2.8A peak, full-bridge, brushed DC motor driver capable of driving the retracting function of vehicle side view mirrors. With the built-in automotive protection features of overcurrent, thermal, shoot-through, UVLO, and wide-input voltage (wide VIN) range, this motor driver provides the necessary features to survive a harsh automotive environment.

Additionally, this TI Design provides test data to allow the designer to quickly evaluate the performance of the DRV8801-Q1 and the DRV8872-Q1 for their folding-mirror modules.


  • Single H-Bridge motor driver with integrated protection
  • Wide 8-38V input supply range easily supports +12V industry standard supplies
  • EVM includes easy to use GUI
  • Phase/enable control interface provides a simple, 2-pin control interface for motor operation
  • Brake mode support allows the motor to stop quickly
  • AEC-Q100 Device Options for EVM ICs available

Read the datasheet here.

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