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Modular PXI Solution for CAN Communication

GOEPEL electronic recently introduced PXI 6153, a modular communication controller for CAN, based on the powerful well established Series 61. The scalable architecture provides an extensive range of options for individual and flexible controller configurations and functional upgradability at a later date.
12th April 2011

EB upgrades LTE testing solution with enhanced MIMO and beamforming features

As LTE technology evolves, network vendors need the most efficient methods to develop and test LTE products to meet their time to market objectives. EB, Elektrobit Corporation, a developer of cutting-edge embedded technology solutions for automotive and wireless industries, is constantly evolving their testing solutions to ensure LTE as an effective technology for higher data rates. LTE technology enhances networks by enabling high capacity mobile broadband applications and services while providing cost efficient ubiquitous mobile coverage. Today, EB announces the rollout of two LTE testing features in EB Propsim F8 - increased amount of fading channels for MIMO testing and enhanced modeling capability for beamforming testing - thus meeting the requirements of the LTE technology development.
12th April 2011

VDO ContiSys: single source diagnostic technology and expertise

With its VDO ContiSys product range, Continental offers garages high performance multi brand diagnostic devices and detailed information to facilitate the finding and repair of faults.
11th April 2011

dSPACE Simulator Mid-Size

Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation makes it possible to test new ECUs and software largely in a virtual environment throughout the entire development cycle, without real vehicles or prototypes. The idea is to connect real ECU prototypes to real-time models of the vehicle and its mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and electronic components. This allows systematic and fully automated testing of the ECU and the entire electronic vehicle system.
9th March 2011

New PCI Express boards for LABCAR

The first new PCI Express boards for the testing system LABCAR are available, now. They facilitate Hardware-in-the-Loop testing with extremely low latencies – providing the power required for developing automotive electrical propulsion systems.
9th March 2011

AUTOSAR Basic Software from Vector Serves as Reference Implementation for BAC 3.0

The BMW Group is using basic software from Vector for the reference implementation of the “BAC 3.0” BMW AUTOSAR Core.
8th March 2011

High-speed Laser Scanners for Railways and Roads

Fraunhofer IPM had extremely fast laser scanners on show at the INTERGEO 2010 trade fair in Cologne, Germany. These eye-safe high-tech systems can record more than one million measuring points per second, measuring their distances down to a millimeter if required by customers or the application.
1st March 2011

TRaC offers concept-to-testing expertise for Electric Vehicle Charging System design

TRaC has announced that its comprehensive offering of test and analysis for the automotive industry is fully prepared and ready to assist makers of Electric Vehicle Charging Systems.
9th February 2011

Simulating Exhaust Systems

Simulating Exhaust Systems
The limits for nitrates in diesel engine emissions defined by international standards such as EURO 6 (in the European Union) and EPA 2010 TIER IV (from the USA's Environmental Protection Agency) are becoming increasingly strict. Compliance with these tougher limits is not possible without electronically controlled catalytic converters. Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems that use urea injection (with AdBlue) are an especially effective solution. Simulating the control algorithms plays a vital role in the development of these systems.
24th January 2011

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