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Enhancing automotive Ethernet conformance test solutions

Spirent Communications Plc announce that after two successful years of cooperation, further activities are planned to make Automotive Ethernet Conformance Testing even more customer-friendly. AUTOSAR and OPEN ALLIANCE are special interest groups that encourage wide scale adoption of Ethernet-based networks as the standard in automotive networking applications.
8th February 2017

European test house authorised for AVB/TSN standards

Ruetz System Solutions has been named as an authorized test house for Avnu Alliance, the industry consortium driving open standards-based time sensitive networking through certification. Ruetz System Solutions is the group’s first European Recognized Test Facility (RTF) for automotive Audio Video Bridging/Time Sensitive Networks (AVB/TSN) standards, including the Automotive Ethernet AVB Functional and Interoperability Specification based upon the Avnu Automotive Profile.
30th September 2016

IoP tester targets Ethernet ECUs

IoP tester targets Ethernet ECUs
An interoperability test platform for Automotive Ethernet has been introduced by RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS. This IOP tester operates within the framework of compliance tests for Automotive Ethernet. The test platform constitutes a component of the test set-up for Open Alliance Layer 1 interoperability tests for ECUs.
9th March 2016

First compliance verification process for ethernet ECUs

RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS provides the first compliance verification process for Ethernet ECUs accomplishing the OPEN ALLIANCE TC8 Test Specification. "With IP/Ethernet technology in cars moving closer to realisation, excellent quality and cost effectiveness of all components is mandatory," stated Wolfgang Malek, General Manager and Co-Founder, RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS.
5th February 2016

Test House as a Service Expanded by Operator Model

Test House as a Service Expanded by Operator Model
Test specialist Ruetz System Solutions enhances the business field of 'Test House as a Service' by offering an operator model for the validation of infotainment and telematics.
23rd August 2012

Ruetz System Solutions Completes Compliance Test of MOST(R) Control Devices

Ruetz System Solutions Completes Compliance Test of MOST(R) Control Devices
Test house RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS broadens its portfolio with the MOST Extended Core Compliance Test. With this new test the qualified system integrator for automotive data communication assures compliance by providing an additional reliable solution for the generation and verification of signal traffic for the Electrical Control Line (ECL) of devices in the MOST network. RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS thus completes the test program for compliance inspection for MOST control devices.
12th March 2012

Complete Test Laboratory Solutions for On-site Operation at Carmakers and Suppliers

RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS - as of now offers 'Test Laboratory as a Service'. With it the test house provides fully equipped test laboratory solutions for the customer that cover bus technologies like CAN, USB, and Ethernet, as well as MOST in all three bandwidths: 25, 50 and 150 Mbit/s. The Ruetz System Solutions Test Development Kit (TDK) offers all options for effective test design, automation and maintenance.
21st November 2011

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