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First showing of heart rate-based driver alertness system

Exhibiting a new heart rate-based driver alertness monitoring system, Plessey and SEGULA Technologies will be at this year's Paris Motor show in Porte de Versailles from 1st –16th October. The sensors are integrated into the seatback, and provide earlier warning of drowsiness or health issues than systems based on eye or head movement.
29th September 2016

Plessey develops sensor solution to monitor driver fatigue

Plessey develops sensor solution to monitor driver fatigue
Plessey has developed a novel solution to monitor driver fatigue that is based on its multi-award winning EPIC sensor technology. According to the British Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, research shows that driver fatigue may be a contributory factor in up to 20% of road accidents and up to a quarter of fatal and serious accidents. Car manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to make their vehicles safer especially as safety can be a strong selling point.
30th October 2012

Plessey Semiconductors launches PS25203 EPIC sensor for automotive applications

Plessey Semiconductors' award winning EPIC sensor technology has been creating considerable interest with car manufacturers as it can be used to provide low cost, reliable detection systems for several automotive applications. Plessey will be launching a version, the PS25203, which is specifically aimed at this market at the Chicago Sensor Expo 2012. This has a lower gain and higher input impedance making it ideal for certain types of contactless ECG measurement such as driver fatigue monitoring or seat occupancy. The EPIC sensor is a completely new area of sensor technology and works by measuring tiny changes in an electric field in a similar way to a magnetometer detecting changes in a magnetic field even at a distance and through clothing.
22nd May 2012

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