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Inside the new autonomous Audi car system

Inside the new autonomous Audi car system
It has been revealed that Intel processing power will be part of autonomous driving systems on the 2018 Audi A8. The Silicon Valley Business Journal reported that Audi will use processors from Intel’s Programmable Solutions Group (PSG) and from its Wind River subsidiary as part of the self-driving system that will allow for Level 3 autonomous driving, among the most sophisticated technology that will be on the road.
8th August 2017

Collaboration develops and tests smart connected technologies

Collaboration develops and tests smart connected technologies
Subsidiary of Intel, Wind River, has engaged with the Transportation Research Center (TRC), The Ohio State University (OSU), and the City of Dublin to advance smart, connected, and autonomous technologies. The planned collaboration - focused around the Columbus region in central Ohio - aims to accelerate learning in the automotive community. The group looks to develop strategies and technologies that safely and securely increase the pace, quality, development, testing, and deployment of self-driving and other connected vehicle technologies.
12th June 2017

Everything you need for autonomous driving

Everything you need for autonomous driving
Over the next few years it is guaranteed that we will see more self-driving cars hitting the road, and therefore sophisticated communications systems will rely on a fast, reliable network that’s capable of being a data superhighway. Self-driving or autonomous cars are a hot topic, but the road to autonomous driving is curvy and complicated.
6th January 2017

CES will see chips and tricks to make cars smarter and safer

CES will see chips and tricks to make cars smarter and safer
Every year the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is abuzz with all the newest technologies aimed at exciting and engaging the consumer. This this includes the latest cars and automotive technology, and there is now a strong demand for our Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) in the automotive market.
4th January 2017

Reinventing the smart bicycle

Meet John Marby, co-designer of the Denny Bike, a modern bicycle incorporating Intel Edison technology and connectivity intended to update a mode of transport that’s remained virtually unchanged for over a century.
21st July 2015

Driving In-Vehicle Innovation with the Internet of Things

Intel is partnering with the automotive industry and combining its world-class technology and consumer electronics expertise to help speed development of innovative, unique driving experiences from in-car infotainment, to autonomous driving. 
12th March 2014

Intel Explore The Connected Car Driving Experience

We are connected at work, at home, while shopping and even on vacation. At Intel, we see your future car as just another extension of your connected and digital lives. This future move is fuelling the emergence of the connected car and the promise of more enjoyable, productive, intuitive and safe experiences for drivers and passengers alike. Check out the video to see how your daily routine could be automatically enhanced by utilizing in-car connectivity
4th December 2012

Intelligent Vehicles Multi-Task On Wind River Hypervisor Technology

From critical tasks such as rear-view camera, traction control and RFID readers to entertainment features like playing movies and downloading applications straight to your car, intelligent vehicles are to making life safer and easier for you.
9th October 2012

Research@Intel 2012 Automobility Research

Research@Intel 2012: The car of tomorrow will be an active participant in a connected world, creating its own data stream and interpreting environments through ongoing interactions with people, services, infrastructures and other vehicles.
5th July 2012

Intel Invests in Product Development and Research to Spur Innovation in the Connected Car

Intel Corporation today announced several automotive investments and initiatives designed to spur innovation and product development that will enable new and innovative connected car experiences. The investments include the new Automotive Innovation and Product Development Center located in Karlsruhe (Germany), expansion of Intel Labs Interaction and Experience Research (IXR) in automotive, an academic outreach program, and the establishment of the $100 million Intel Capital Connected Car Investment Fund.
5th March 2012

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