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Google and Toyota keynote Energy Independent Vehicle event

Google and Toyota keynote Energy Independent Vehicle event
When giants such as Google, Toyota and Nissan gather to consider something new it is time to pay attention. This 'next big thing' is energy independent electric vehicles (EIVs) by land water and air. Their impact on society and industry will, in due course, be seismic. The event is the world’s first that is dedicated entirely to 'Energy Independent Electric Vehicles'. It is at the Technical University of Delft in the Netherlands on 27th-28th September.
21st August 2017

Why vehicle and parts makers are now targeting buses

Why vehicle and parts makers are now targeting buses
The new IDTechEx Research report 'Electric Buses 2018-2038' is about hybrid and pure electric buses, often in many new forms, powering up to be a massive $500bn market. By Dr Peter Harrop, Chairman, IDTechEx.
27th July 2017

Report analyses the 'last mile problem'

Report analyses the 'last mile problem'
The latest IDTechEx Research report, Last Mile Electric Vehicles 2018-2028, concerns goods and people reaching final destination such as down the pathway past the guard dog or riding from the train station. Currently costing up to 55% of shipment costs, today's expensive methods tend to be dangerous, polluting or slow. Solving this 'last mile problem' is key to Amazon's objective of grabbing Wal-Mart's business and other battles of the titans.
20th July 2017

Report forecasts EV technology between 2017-2027

Report forecasts EV technology between 2017-2027
The biggest change in cars for one hundred years is now starting. It is driven by totally new requirements and capabilities. They will cause huge new businesses to appear but some giants currently making cars and their parts will spectacularly go bankrupt. Cities will ban private cars but encourage cars as autonomous taxis and rental vehicles. Already 65% of cars in China are bought by businesses.  Electric car technology and forecasts 2017-2027 by Dr Peter Harrop.
19th June 2017

Report finds EVs create more and more of their own electricity

Report finds EVs create more and more of their own electricity
As we move to the end game of energy independent electric aircraft, boats and land vehicles, the latest report from IDTechEx Research, Electric Vehicle Energy Harvesting/Regeneration 2017-2037, tells you how, where, why and when. Even conventional vehicles will benefit from these technologies in the meantime giving a seamless route to major commercial successes. Researched this year and constantly updated, it explains and forecasts the technologies involved in this newly essential key enabling technology.
1st June 2017

Pollution levels are only enhancing the case for EVs

Pollution levels are only enhancing the case for EVs
Understanding around vehicle pollution levels has increased dramatically in recent years, and each new discovery has offered another reason to hasten the adoption of electric powertrains in land vehicles, marine craft and aircraft. Although ozone, carbon monoxide and other emissions have been subject to study, there is escalating concern about the acid gas, particulate and carbon dioxide emissions in particular. 
23rd May 2017

Mild hybrid vehicles to offer increased acceleration

Mild hybrid vehicles to offer increased acceleration
  Vehicle emissions regulations for 2025 and 2030 are unlikely to be met by conventional vehicle technology as applied to most vehicles beyond small cars. Going to strong hybrid and pure electric powertrains involves considerable expense and delay and often new platforms.
12th April 2017

Report shows the huge potential of EIVs

The new report from IDTechEx Research, Energy Independent Electric Vehicles Land, Water, Air 2017-2037, reveals how energy independent Electric Vehicles (EIV) such as solar racers were a curiosity five years ago, too weak to lead to anything generally useful. Then a solar boat and plane went round the world and a solar plane is now being prepared that will rise from earth to 24,386km (80,000ft) on sunshine alone. 
24th January 2017

Commercial EV report details future developments

Commercial EV report details future developments
A new report has been announced by IDTechEx Research, entitled Industrial and Commercial Electric Vehicles on Land 2017-2027. Today the industrial and commercial sector represents 60% of the value of the whole electric vehicle market, and it is set to grow 4.5 times in the next decade.
9th December 2016

Cars and flow batteries?

Cars and flow batteries?
According to IDTechEx, lithium-ion batteries will dominate the automotive scene over the coming ten years and possibly the coming 15 years. During that time we shall see peak lead acid battery the biggest nail in its coffin being when electric vehicles more widely abandon them and even those conventional vehicles modified to stay legal under impending carbon dioxide laws abandon them, relying totally on lithium-ion units.
21st October 2016

EVs: Next Comes the Melodrama

Electric vehicles have gone from curiosity to being a frequent news item and, if you live in Norway or the Netherlands, something you see often. However, that is nothing compared to EVs shaking the foundations of society over the coming decade from robot agriculture and delivery to almost free travel in sunny countries and almost eliminating air pollution even in mining. The IDTechEx Research overview report, “Electric Vehicles Change the World 2017-2037” spells out how EVs will hugely assist the young, the old and emerging nations in particular.
10th October 2016

Mercedes 48V mild hybrids from 2017

Mercedes 48V mild hybrids from 2017
As detailed in the IDTechEx report, Mild Hybrid 48V Vehicles 2016-2031, this option will become a huge business from 2017 as Ford, Hyundai, Bentley, Volkswagen, Audi, Geely and many others adopt them as the most cost-effective way of meeting 2025 and 2030 carbon dioxide emissions regulations while sharply improving economy - even improving performance in some respects. By Dr Peter Harrop, Chairman, IDTechEx.
17th August 2016

IDTechEx reports: eliminating extra EV systems

EVs have a cost challenge: hybrids have complexity problems meaning reliability and space issues. Extra power electronic units arrive for tasks such as a vehicle-to-grid, vehicle-to-house and inductive charging. Many more will be added in future such as regeneration modules - thermoelectric, exhaust turbine, energy harvesting shock absorber and thermoelectric, for example. 
28th June 2016

Battery vehicle now viable for very long distances

The Tesla 3 gets nearly double the range of the Nissan Leaf by using nearly double the amount of battery but engineers are using a multitude of work rounds to do better: aerodynamics, lightweighting even including structural electronics where dumb structure is replaced by supercapacitors or solid state batteries. Add more efficient motors and powertrain. Fuel cell hybrids retain the cachet of most expensive solution with a long on-road charging time if you factor in the time to find that rarity, the hydrogen charger. Very long distance with large hydrogen tanks is impracticable. By Dr Peter Harrop, Chairman, IDTechEx.
23rd June 2016

Li-ion battery costs delay EV lift-off

Stellar growth over the coming decade is forecast by IDTechEx for the EV business resulting in nearly one trillion dollars sales at ex-factory prices in 2026. About half of that will probably be the 48V mild hybrids first launching in 2017 when they will not be EVs i.e. propelled by electric motors some or all of the time. By Dr Peter Harrop, Chairman, IDTechEx.
8th June 2016

Li-ion batteries will dominate the battery business

The report from IDTechEx Research, Lithium-ion Batteries 2016-2026, finds that at around $140bn in 2026, the Li-ion battery business will dominate the battery business. By Dr Peter Harrop, Chairman, IDTechEx.
24th May 2016

Power electronics for electric vehicles

At first it seems ridiculous that IDTechEx forecasts a huge growth in the power electronics business for electric vehicles. Yes, there is tending to be two motors per car or larger vehicle not one now and that means many more motor controllers. Yes, the market is growing for the vehicles and each car or larger vehicle has a charger and a battery management system on board, both being power electronics but that alone is insufficient to create the projected $300 billion plus market.
20th May 2016

Seeing the future of electric motors for electric vehicles

This article shares some of the research for the new IDTechEx Research report, “Electric Vehicle Traction Motors, Belt Driven & Integrated Starter Generators 2016-2026”. It is no longer contentious to say that the future of land, water and air vehicles is to be more and more electric. The detail of how this is being achieved is rich and varied and it revolves around the electric motor and its variants far more than the more-discussed battery. by Dr Peter Harrop, Chairman, IDTechEx.
10th May 2016

Start-ups can exhibit free of charge at IDTechEx Show! in Berlin

Start-ups can exhibit free of charge at IDTechEx Show! in Berlin
  Start-ups can exhibit free of charge at IDTechEx Show! in Berlin, Germany (27 - 28 April). Resarch company, IDTechEx has announed the EVES Launchpad exhibition space, but entry submissions must be received by Friday 26 February 2016.
17th February 2016

Profitable niches in the EV market

Vehicles are electrifying at a breakneck speed and they are being completely reinvented with developments in many components and systems. Disruptive change and significant technological innovation is now being seen across all forms of electric vehicles for land, water and air. The fruits of all this are spectacular – from the vehicles themselves to over $500bn market opportunity that will be created by 2026. IDTechEx Research analyses and forecasts every sector of the hybrid and pure EV market in its master report Electric Vehicle Forecasts, Trends and Opportunities 2016-2026 and focuses on sub-sectors in its many other EV industry reports.
17th December 2015

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