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The future of automotive body-in-white inspection

The future of automotive body-in-white inspection
The automotive industry is preparing for Industry 4.0 rollouts by making large-scale changes to all of their processes, from design and engineering to production and aftermarket. The method of dimensional inspection, on the other hand, is still largely traditional, especially in the body-in-white (BIW) phase. 
29th May 2019

Creating growth opportunities for material manufacturers

Creating growth opportunities for material manufacturers
In the recent analysis from Frost & Sullivan, Material Technologies Shaping the Future of Electric Vehicles (EV), the material technologies used in EVs is discussed by analysing recent global and regional trends. It found that electric vehicle manufacturers are looking at materials as a lever of growth for EV adoption. 
23rd July 2018

Autonomous vehicles mean huge opportunities for sensor developers

Autonomous vehicles mean huge opportunities for sensor developers
The need for vehicle and occupant safety in automobiles is growing hand-in-hand with the popularity of autonomous vehicles and as such, the market as a whole is being opened up to advanced automotive sensor technologies.
12th July 2017

Surging demand from Data Centres energises European diesel market

Surging demand from Data Centres energises European diesel market
As low economic growth is expected to keep the diesel generator set (genset) market subdued until 2020, several factors are sustaining market potential, including the growth of data centres, rising infrastructure investments, low diesel prices due to falling oil prices, and capacity market auctions in the United Kingdom.
30th May 2017

How will cybersecurity impact connected cars?

How will cybersecurity impact connected cars?
The car industry is facing a major breakthrough with the evolution of the connected car market. Many technologies are currently available to reach this new era. Frost & Sullivan forecasts that the market will reach 43.8 million connected cars in 2019 globally. The two decisive factors will be the management of cybersecurity threats as well as customer’s confidence.
27th September 2016

Growth opportunities created for chemicals in electronics

Growth opportunities created for chemicals in electronics
Technological advancements in semiconductor fabrication and packaging technologies have compelled manufacturers of process and production chemicals to keep pace with altered product formulations and new products. The impending adoption of 450mm wafers will particularly drive the market for materials such as gases and photomasks.
17th August 2016

Finland is driving ahead with smart mobility

Finland is driving ahead with smart mobility
To promote the latest global trends and innovation in connected cars, Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and Mobility as a Service (MaaS), Finnish export and investment promotion agency, Finpro, and Frost & Sullivan, are bringing together leaders in the smart mobility industry at an event in London today which is part of Frost & Sullivan’s annual Intelligent Mobility Event.
28th June 2016

Aerospace & defence industry to reach $3.87bn in 2019

The Aerospace and Defence (A&D) industry policy of getting things right on the first attempt has created a greater need for testing and measurement/inspection. With a number of complex systems in place, the emphasis is particularly on electronic test and dimensional metrology solutions.
16th July 2015

Polymers & phenolics increasingly found under the bonnet

High Performance Polymers (HPP) and phenolics have made considerable inroads into challenging automotive and aviation applications owing to their superior physical, chemicals and mechanical properties. Technological advancements and strong R&D support along with robust testing and certification processes have further attributed to the rapid adoption of HPP and phenolics in Europe.
19th March 2015

Magnetic sensor market driven by smartphones and vehicles

Frost & Sullivan have announced the publication of a new report, Analysis of the Global Magnetic Sensors Market. The new analysis reveals that market revenues of $1.66 billion (USD) in 2012 are expected to grow to $3.51 billion (USD) in 2019. It also outlines the prospective areas of growth: globally, end user- and application-wise.
10th December 2013

Frost & Sullivan Sees High Growth Opportunities in South Korea's Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

The advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) revenues in South Korea is expected to reach US$509.6 million by 2018 from US$27.6 million in 2011, predicts Frost & Sullivan.
4th September 2012

Upgrading the On-Board Power-Net from 12V will Pave Way for 48V Power Net

Electrification of the automobile is not limited to the Electric Vehicle (EV) space. Conventional automobiles of today are partly electric in their own way, with most systems in the vehicle having electrical and electronic connections for better functionality. Certain high-end vehicles possess more than 90 Electronic Control Units (ECUs) to control the various modules within the car, making the car both sophisticated and complicated.
2nd July 2012

Frost & Sullivan’s On-Demand Analyst Briefing - European Motor Services: Paradigm Shift towards Predictive Maintenance Aids Growth

Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst Raaj Thilak Raveendran completed extensive analysis on the European Motor Services Market. The research expert led a short teleconference about new findings that affect the market. The European motor services market grew at a healthy rate in 2011. However, the outlook for 2012 is gloomy due to the impact of the ongoing debt crisis in Europe.
15th May 2012

Frost & Sullivan Forecasts Asia Pacific's Transportation & Logistics Market Growing at CAGR of 7.6% Despite Global Uncertainties

Frost & Sullivan is forecasting the Asia Pacific transportation & logistics market of 12 countries (Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, India, Malaysia, Thailand, China, Vietnam, Indonesia) to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.6 per cent (2011-2016) to reach US$4.09 trillion in 2016.
28th February 2012

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