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How to tackle leakage current in the automotive industry

In today’s automotive industry there has been a gradual shift from traditional concerns like area and cost to power consumption and leakage current. Consequently, the designers focus more on techniques like clock gating, power gating, dynamic voltage and frequency scaling to meet the requirement. 
9th January 2017

The first dedicated analogue ICs for motorcycle ABS

The first dedicated analogue ICs for motorcycle ABS
The industry’s first highly integrated, dedicated ICs specifically engineered for motorcycle and scooter applications, the SB0400 and SB0401 ABS controllers have been introduced by Freescale Semiconductor. ECU manufacturers no longer need to rely on much larger ABS ICs developed for automobiles and can realise dramatic savings in cost, weight and space with advanced analogue parts designed specifically for motorcycles and scooters.
6th October 2015

Beijing tech students stay on track to win Freescale Cup

Beijing tech students stay on track to win Freescale Cup
Students from the University of Science and Technology of Beijing have won the Grand Final of the Freescale Cup Challenge 2015, hosted by the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS in Erlangen. They prevailed and won the race after a fierce competition that brought together the winners from regional rounds around the globe. The teams were from universities in India, Switzerland, Mexico, Brazil, the USA, Malaysia, Taiwan, South Korea and China.
16th September 2015

Freescale acquires automotive image cognition IP developer

  To solidify its strong position in solutions for the autonomous vehicles/ADAS market, Freescale Semiconductor has announced the acquisition of Ottawa-based CogniVue, a leading developer of image cognition IP for automotive and consumer applications.
10th September 2015

Advanced automotive radar increases passenger safety

Freescale Semiconductor and Continental have announced plans to integrate Freescale’s 77GHz radar technology into Continental’s next-gen short- and mid-range automotive radar modules. This represents the next step in the evolution of Continental’s comprehensive ADAS radar solutions, helping automakers meet safety mandates and extend ADAS safety benefits to more vehicles.
22nd July 2015

Automotive MCUs speed & simplify software development

Automotive MCUs speed & simplify software development
As silicon content and complexity continue to rise in cars, the future of automotive advancement increasingly depends on software. New vehicles commonly incorporate more than 100m lines of embedded code – more than most passenger aircraft. While offering exciting opportunities for innovation, software increases complexity and creates significant code maintenance and time-to-market challenges.
24th June 2015

TPMS provides industry’s highest pressure accuracy

Expanding its TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) portfolio, Freescale Semiconductor has announced the FXTH8715 family. According to the manufacturer, the family provides the industry’s smallest fully integrated package and highest pressure accuracy for trucks and other large vehicles.
30th April 2015

Vision MPU enables autonomous cars

A vision MPU, claimed to be the first automotive vision SoC with the requisite reliability, safety and security measures to automate and ‘co-pilot’ a self-aware car, has been introduced by Freescale Semiconductor. Leveraging a host of automotive-grade technologies, the S32V takes the industry beyond the current, convenience-centric ‘assist’ paradigm and toward an era where cars can capture data, process it and actually share control with drivers in critical situations. This capability establishes the essential bridge from the current ‘assist’ era toward the fully autonomous vehicles of tomorrow.
2nd March 2015

OpenCL ADAS development environment addresses safety concerns

With today’s Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), the “self-driving car” concept has captured the world’s imagination. But the enormous opportunities presented come with significant challenges to be solved. Freescale aims to address two critical speed bumps on the path toward autonomous driving - the lack of open standards for ADAS system development, and the debatable premise that consumer-focused silicon chips are safe enough for safety-critical autonomous applications.
14th January 2015

NASCAR controller unit (electronic fuel injection)

Well over 1,000,000 miles of race-proven performance with Freescale technology! The TAG-400N is a compact, self-contained engine management system and data logger for race engines up to eight cylinders. The unit is complete with integrated ignition and injection drivers and so needs no external units to run an engine.
12th December 2014

5W charging & side watt communications with portable devices

Built to automotive grade specifications, this Qi compliant wireless charging reference design charges up devices in the car.
11th December 2014

Tire pressure monitoring sensor iPad display demo

Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) help drivers with precise direct tire pressure measurement by providing individual tire readings - including the spare. Freescale’s world’s smallest, lowest-power, with highest memory for customer use TPMS is highly integrated with a pressure sensor, temperature sensor, accelerometer, MCU and a transmitter.
1st October 2014

Experience the Freescale concept car

Experience the Freescale concept car which demonstrates automotive system solutions for engine control, motor (small and large) control, lamp control, radio, digital cluster, gauge drivers, TPMS, touch control, surround view camera, media player and fast boot Linux.
22nd May 2014

3-Phase BLDC Motor Driver with Kinetis-E MCU for eBikes

Explore the MC34937, an industrial-grade 3-phase gate pre-driver for BLDC and PMSM motor control. The MC34937 can support 12V, 24V, and 36V motor control applications and easily interfaces to standard MCUs and DSPs. The demo shows the implementation of the MC34937 with Kinetis E MCUs in a 36V battery-operated electric bike (eBike) application. This same system can be modified to be used in other industrial applications such as electric garden tools, industrial fans and pumps, and electric wheelchairs.
29th April 2014

Programmable solenoid controller reduces emissions

Programmable solenoid controller reduces emissions
Helping automakers comply with recent worldwide government regulations for improved fuel efficiency and new emissions standards, Freescale Semiconductor announce the MC33816 programmable solenoid controller. Designed to reduce emissions and improve fuel efficiency for petrol and diesel direct fuel injection engines, the controller also suits driving dual clutch transmissions and precision solenoids in factory automation applications.
15th January 2014

CAN transceivers address EMC compatibility requirements

Delivering EMC performance and ESD robustness without the need for external components, Freescale’s MC33901 and MC34901 chokeless CAN high-speed physical layer transceivers offer low quiescent current down to 8 micro amps. Designed to address EMC and ESD requirements in harsh industrial and automotive environments, the devices also offer fail-safe features to assist with system functional safety.  
7th January 2014

Driving down power

While the increased use of electronic systems in vehicles is delivering improved safety and comfort for the driver and passengers, their power demands must not be overlooked. Andy Birnie, Automotive MCU Systems Engineering Manager with Freescale Semiconductor, takes a closer look in this article from ES Design magazine.
9th December 2013

Freescale and ROHM Will Collaborate to Deliver Innovative Automotive Solutions for Japanese and Global Markets

Freescale Semiconductor Japan Ltd and ROHM Co Ltd have agreed to collaborate on select, automotive-related activities designed to provide comprehensive solutions for the Japanese and worldwide automotive markets.
25th September 2013

Freescale Takes Automotive Radar Mainstream with Industry’s Most Integrated ADAS System Solution

The industry’s most comprehensive system-level solution for automotive radar based advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) is now available from Freescale Semiconductor. The new Qorivva MPC577xK microcontroller (MCU) and MRD2001 77 GHz radar transceiver chipset provide the embedded technology necessary for affordable radar based ADAS solutions with fewer components, helping increase adoption in mainstream vehicles.
28th June 2013

Freescale S12 MagniV Mixed-Signal MCUs Help Solve Automotive Electronics Technology Challenges in China

Freescale S12 MagniV Mixed-Signal MCUs Help Solve Automotive Electronics Technology Challenges in China
Automobile sales in China are booming, with a 13 percent year-over-year gain for April 2013, according to the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers. At the same time, the amount of electronic content per vehicle continues to increase as automakers add features to differentiate themselves in this highly competitive market. To help address the need for cost-effective vehicle electronic systems, the Freescale Semiconductor S12 MagniV mixed-signal microcontroller (MCU) portfolio offers Chinese automakers highly integrated, single-chip solutions that are extremely reliable and easy to develop with, while helping reduce the bill of materials and overall manufacturing costs.
20th June 2013

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