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One step ahead: Adaptive radar systems for ADAS

One step ahead: Adaptive radar systems for ADAS
Constantly changing environments represent an enormous challenge for modern driver assistance systems. To meet these challenges, software controlled automotive radars offer entirely new opportunities. They are compact, low cost, and also extremely versatile and highly reconfigurable.
3rd October 2018

The question is: reflex over reaction?

The question is: reflex over reaction?
Over the last two years, Fraunhofer IIS/EAS and the semiconductor manufacturer GLOBALFOUNDRIES have worked together in the project 'MARS' to advance the development of highly reliable 22nm FDSOI components. These components should pave the way for 'tactile intelligent systems' made in Dresden. Areas such as autonomous driving and applications in intelligent production will benefit enormously from such wirelessly networked systems capable of communicating with each other in real time.
14th December 2017

Real environmental data in real time for simulations

Real environmental data in real time for simulations
In computer aided vehicle engineering, you need accurate data on various environmental influences. This is the only way developers can conduct tests that simulate the experience of a real car. At the Hannover Messe, researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute are presenting a quick and inexpensive system that collects real data at normal driving speeds and processes this data in real time as fine-grained and coarse-grained data for 3D driving simulations.
1st April 2016

Better visibility when driving at night

Better visibility when driving at night
According to statistics, the majority of accidents occur at dusk or at night – poor visibility is often the trigger. Intelligent headlights adapt to the current traffic situation, and can be a remedy. In collaboration with industry partners, Fraunhofer researchers have developed a high-resolution illumination system with more than 1,000 LED pixels: It offers considerably more options for precise light distribution than previous solutions have and is also energy efficient.
2nd March 2016

Connecting electric vehicles to the power grid

Connecting electric vehicles to the power grid
Engineers at Fraunhofer ESK have specified and implemented the required communication interface as part of the EU-sponsored smart vehicle-to-grid interface (SMARTV2G) project. This project aims to create a system in which electric vehicles use and temporarily store energy. By temporarily storing the energy, it can be fed back into the grid as needed.
4th December 2013

High-speed Laser Scanners for Railways and Roads

Fraunhofer IPM had extremely fast laser scanners on show at the INTERGEO 2010 trade fair in Cologne, Germany. These eye-safe high-tech systems can record more than one million measuring points per second, measuring their distances down to a millimeter if required by customers or the application.
1st March 2011

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