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Continental focuses on direct tire pressure monitoring systems

International automotive supplier Continental recommends car manufacturers worldwide the consistent use of direct measuring technology in their new car models to ensure that vehicle tires are always inflated to an optimum level. This recommendation is owed to steadily rising requirements to tire pressure measurement. It also reflects the significant potential of direct measuring technology, making it possible to exploit the greater contribution to CO2 reduction.
3rd May 2011

Continental enhances Electric Vehicle Safety

Continental has developed a sensor for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles which will immediately shut off the high-voltage battery in the event of a collision while the vehicle is in charge mode. This means that emergency service personnel can recover vehicles without running the risk of suffering an electric shock.
11th April 2011

VDO ContiSys: single source diagnostic technology and expertise

With its VDO ContiSys product range, Continental offers garages high performance multi brand diagnostic devices and detailed information to facilitate the finding and repair of faults.
11th April 2011

Continental's Sensor Box Provides Added Stability for Motorcycles

Continental has developed a sensor box for motorcycles that measures the vehicle's tilt angle by evaluating a wide range of driving data. This system makes it possible to intervene via the engine management system or the brakes to stabilize the motorcycle's driving dynamics. This intervention – which the driver hardly notices – will significantly improve directional stability and road holding and increase road safety. Customers buying high-end or sports motorcycles, in particular, attach great importance to owning a motorcycle that they can control. Apart from improving safety, the traction control system optimizes acceleration performance. Using this safety system makes motorcycling a more pleasurable experience, explained Thomas Greb, business team head of motorcycle sensoric systems in the Sensorics business unit of Continental's Chassis & Safety division.
15th March 2011

New Sensor from Continental Increases Pedestrians' Chances of Survival in an Accident

Pressure sensors in the bumper reliably detect accidents involving pedestrians and activate the safety systems in the vehicle's body.
15th March 2011

Continental Fuel Pump and Active Gas Pedal Nominated for 2011 PACE Awards

Devices contribute to better mileage and increased safety – Two innovations by international automobile supplier reach the finals in the run for celebrated automotive prize
15th March 2011

Continental components figure prominently in the new Ford Focus and C-MAX

A range of innovative advanced driver assistance systems are making their debut in compact cars. An emergency-brake assist is available for the first time ever. Continental also provides the PEPS remote locking and authorization system, diesel injectors, engine controls, tires and service set.
15th March 2011

Crash sensors fitted in cars can gauge the severity of an accident in milliseconds

Continental has produced 250 million acceleration and pressure satellites in Regensburg and Ingolstadt over the past 16 years.
15th March 2011

PRORETA 3: Continental and TU Darmstadt Join Forces for Research into Safe City Driving

The third stage of PRORETA has begun, with Continental and Darmstadt Technical University signing an agreement for joint research into an advanced driver assistance system for city driving.
15th March 2011

Continental enhances Electric Vehicle Safety

The evSAT sensor detects accidents involving electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles and shuts off their high-voltage batteries. Series production of the sensor will begin in 2012.
15th March 2011

Continental Receives the Sustainability Prize Awarded by the Wirtschaftsclub Rhein-Main

30 years of innovative solutions for greater road safety, environmental compatibility and comfort
15th March 2011

Continental develops Frontal Impact Safety System for the EcoCarrier Electric Truck

Continental implements an occupant safety system for the electrically-powered light truck, consisting of airbags for the driver and front-seat passengers and three-point seat belts.
15th March 2011

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