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Evolving automotive infotainment with Arm

Evolving automotive infotainment with Arm
Vehicle cockpits are now being designed by automakers with an increasing number of advanced features influenced by the wide array of new technologies used by consumers daily. There are also new advanced safety features that are being added, which are essential to achieve the goal of autonomous vehicles. The cockpit of the future cockpit requires advanced processing capabilities to meet consumer demands for connectivity, safety, and future mobility. 
11th July 2019

Processing power in automotive with ARM

This video is an introduction to Arm processing power in automotive.
15th April 2019

Strengthening autonomous trust on the road

Strengthening autonomous trust on the road
According to recent data from AAA, 73% of American drivers are too afraid to ride in fully self-driving vehicles and 63% of US adults feel less safe sharing the road with self-driving vehicles while walking or cycling.  By Lakshmi Mandyam, VP automotive, Arm
18th December 2018

Improving autonomous driving system safety

Improving autonomous driving system safety
At one level or another, we’re all excited about smarter, more autonomous cars. Some of us want completely autonomous vehicles right now; others just want their cars do take over the drudge work, especially in traffic or cities on the daily commute. It’s coming. Expanding innovations in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving are transforming the way we drive our cars and, frankly, how we think about buying new cars. 
10th March 2017

Autonomous vehicles with most advanced safety processor yet

Autonomous vehicles with most advanced safety processor yet
Real-time processor with advanced safety features for autonomous vehicles and medical and industrial robots has been launched by ARM. The ARMCortex-R52 was designed to address functional safety in systems that must comply with ISO 26262 ASIL D and IEC 61508 SIL 3, the most stringent safety standards in the automotive and industrial markets.
21st September 2016

ARM & Green Hills Software develop a Cortex-R5 compiler

To meet the requirements of demanding automotive applications, ARM has collaborated with Green Hills Software to develop a compiler for its ARM Cortex-R5 processor. The Green Hills compiler, version 2015.1 has been certified by EEMBC Labs as having achieved a performance score of 1.01EEMBC Automarks/MHz on the Cortex-R5 automotive MCUs from Spansion. This represents a 30% increase on previous performance scores.
16th February 2015

Safety document released for ARM Cortex-R5 processor

To drive the adoption of the ARM Cortex-R5 processor in safety-critical applications, ARM has released a comprehensive safety document set for the processor. According to the company, this will enable the cost-effective deployment of more technically advanced systems across multiple sectors including automotive, health and industrial. 
26th January 2015

New ARMv8-R architecture for real-time embedded processors

Details of the new ARMv8-R architecture for real-time embedded processors has been released today by ARM. For use in automotive electronics and other integrated safety and control applications, the ARMv8-R architecture builds on the rich heritage of the 32-bit ARMv7-R architecture used for the company’s market-leading Cortex-R series of real time processors and complements the ARMv8-A architecture announced in 2011.
28th October 2013

ARM Forecast to Accelerate Lead in the Automotive Sector Over the next Five Years

Analysis of findings from Semicast’s Embedded Processing Service and Automotive Electronics & Entertainment Systems Service shows that ARM maintained its position as the leading architecture for 32-bit embedded processors in the automotive sector in 2011, ahead of Power Architecture, SH, TriCore and V850. The data also suggests that ARM’s lead in this sector is set to increase significantly over the next five years.
12th December 2011

ARM at Embedded World 2011 with QNX - Automotive Infotainment demo

QNX Software Systems demos their automotive reference software at Embedded World 2011.
5th March 2011

ARM joins industry body to continue investment in next-generation driving experience

ARM, announced today their Elected Charter seat on the board of directors of the GENIVI Alliance. ARM’s engagement in GENIVI is part of its overarching strategy to enable consumers with the same user experience across all forms of entertainment equipment, wherever and whenever they want.
24th January 2011

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