The future lies within Seamless Mobility

1st February 2017
Posted By : Anna Flockett
The future lies within Seamless Mobility

The application of smart technology and data to help us travel around in an ever-more congested world shows that Seamless Mobility is the future. Helping people move intelligently, smoothly and hassle-free - on modes of transport that are economical and environmentally-friendly - is vital if transport systems are not going to simply implode.

At the forefront of this technology is global travel technology firm SilverRail, which has just unveiled, a new website which positions them at the forefront of the global move towards Seamless Mobility.

Aaron Gowell, CEO of SilverRail said: “Seamless Mobility is not just a dream of a better future – the building blocks are being constructed right now.”

“There are hundreds of initiatives setting the foundations for more intelligent mass transit systems but to date the information has been fragmented and dispersed. The new site will act as a centre for information and developments in the Seamless Mobility space as we look to make it a reality across the global transport ecosystem.”

The transport system of the future will have more rail, buses, bikes and cars that are self-driving and electric. As a growing number of people adopt these methods of transport, cities need to embrace innovative technologies that make it easier for people to use different forms of mass transit and move seamlessly between them.

However, today’s biggest challenge is that the different transport types operate as self-contained systems, rather than integrated into a broader multimodal transportation network - so if your journey involves more than one mode of transport, you can find yourself frustrated by delays, congestion or undue overcrowding and complications.

Seamless Mobility can take those frustrations away thanks to advances in computing power, autonomous vehicles, big data and crowd-sourced information from social media. It makes the travelling experience smoother for individual travellers, while allowing an entire system to work better to improve the quality of life for everyone in the city.

In Sweden, SilverRail is already working in this space, working with rail networks, buses, taxis and other metropolitan transit providers - creating new technologies that allow travellers to plan, book, pay, and ticket all segments of a multimodal journey at once.

And in the UK, SilverRail is powering Chiltern Railways ticket-free travel pilot; testing a new mobile ticketing app that automatically finds the best price deal for customers, eliminating the need for paper tickets and paving the way to make hassle-free rail travel a reality.

As well as integrating the data systems that underpin modern transport networks, SilverRail is leveraging emerging wearable and mobile technologies to make comprehensive and accurate travel information available when and where it is needed by the travelling public.

Will Phillipson, President and Co-founder of SilverRail commented: “To make Seamless Mobility a reality across the transport ecosystem, information needs to become reliable enough for people to have confidence in its accuracy, and for all modes of transport to be tightly integrated.”

Phillipson added: “That does not often happen, and today the quality of the data available is one of the biggest challenges hindering smart mobility innovation.”

The new website will help spread the word about Seamless Mobility, highlighting the many benefits and showcasing the latest initiatives to improve transportation around the world.

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