Delphi's Internal Heat Exchanger Increases Cooling, Improves Fuel Economy

20th September 2011
Source: Delphi
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Delphi Automotive's latest air conditioning technology helps keep vehicles cool while reducing the amount of fuel needed by the HVAC system. The Delphi Internal Heat Exchanger (IHX) improves fuel economy due to a reduction in the amount of compressor power needed in current air conditioning systems.
Delphi's internal heat exchanger can help reduce air conditioning fuel usage by 10 to 20 percent, said James Bertrand, president Delphi Thermal Systems. The IHX does this by using its heat transfer to increase the compressor efficiency and reduce the HVAC system energy use.

The Delphi IHX, which can be installed on both single and dual evaporator systems, combines portions of the air conditioning system's suction and liquid lines. It uses the cold vapor from the evaporator to cool the hot liquid before it enters the expansion device. Following the expansion, more liquid refrigerant is available for absorbing heat in the evaporator. By matching the compressor speed with the additional evaporator capacity, the energy efficiency is increased.

The IHX is constructed of brazed aluminum for lightweight durability and a corrosion resistant material system appropriate for the engine compartment.

Additionally, Delphi's IHX is significantly shorter -- more than 50 percent -- than competitive products. Its compact design may offer the option to shorten the total air conditioning line length and thereby lower pressure drop compared to similar products in addition to allowing easier integration into a vehicle's A/C system.

Furthermore, the flexibility of Delphi's design provides several interface options for customers to choose from. It can be produced with block type fittings that enable it to be installed by the automaker. It can also be produced with couplers that enable an air conditioning line supplier to braze it directly to the air conditioning line set. Delphi engineers can also create custom designs for unique applications to meet specific customer requirements.

Delphi's IHX will also help global automakers as they move to the new air conditioning refrigerant — R-1234yf. Delphi's system helps R-1234yf refrigerant-based systems meet the performance of current R-134a systems.

Besides the IHX, Delphi's complete thermal systems portfolio includes charge air coolers, condensers, compressors, HVAC systems, fan motor shroud assemblies, powertrain cooling modules, radiators and oil coolers.


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