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Audi A3 e-tron concept

The latest technology and crisp design. Audi A3 presents the e tron-concept.

Audi A6: Manipulation

The new Audi A6 with Aluminium hybrid body. Engineered with a lighter touch. This film is a magical display of Audi's mastery of lightweight metal engineering.
18th April 2011

FCI connecting with tomorrows technologies

FCI Automotive Corporate movie
13th April 2011

Renesas driver assistance solutions for road safety

Real time top view application using 4 vehicle-mounted cameras
24th March 2011

ARM at Embedded World 2011 with QNX - Automotive Infotainment demo

QNX Software Systems demos their automotive reference software at Embedded World 2011.
5th March 2011

Atmel at EW 2011 - Introducing the UC3C for Automotive

Stephan Tahler of Atmel introduces the new 32-bit AVR UC3C microcontroller for Automotive applications.
4th March 2011

NASCAR: Freescale & McLaren Electronics / First Official Partners for Fuel Injection Program

This clip is from the NASCAR press conference announcing Freescale Semiconductor and McLaren Electronics as First Official Partners For Fuel Injection Program. Lou Lutostanski, Freescale's Vice President of Sales & Marketing Americas, offers details around Freescale's rich legacy in solutions for automotive electronics.
3rd March 2011

QNX at CES 2011

See the new features of the QNXCAR platform, demonstrated at CES 2011.
25th February 2011

NXP in Automotive Sensors

NXP Semiconductors, your partner in Automotive Sensors (Angular sensors, Speed sensors)
8th February 2011

Let your Automotive Electronics do the talking

NXP Semiconductors, your partner in Automotive Networking (FlexRay, CAN, LIN)
8th February 2011

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