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The LIN Bus in Modern Automotive Headlamp Systems

ON Semiconductor has been supplying mixed signal integrated circuits for automotive lighting systems for over a decade. High-volume products include lamp-failure detection, contact-less sensor interfaces, HID (High Intensity Discharge) ballast drivers and stepper motor drivers. Modern automotive headlamp systems will rely heavily on the use of sensors and actuators in the near future. These remote sensors and actuators are connected to an electronic control unit via a bus network. Various types of bus networks are feasible. This paper will concentrate on the cost and performance advantages when using the LIN (Local Interconnect Network) bus network in a headlamp application. Various solutions will be presented providing insight into the different LIN bus architectures available. The integration of a stepper motor driver with LIN interface is demonstrated as an example. In conclusion, the LIN bus provides superior performance when combined with the appropriate system architecture for cost sensitive applications.
8th February 2011

Automatic HVAC Air Recirculation

This paper highlights the system requirements and operating conditions of automatic air recirculation valves and reviews compatibility of existing actuator types with these requirements. When comparing the available technologies, it becomes clear that air recirculation flap actuators containing a bipolar stepper motor offer key advantages over actuators with other motor types. It is shown how specific bipolar stepper motor drive techniques can contribute to the overall system performance while the total system cost is minimized. The paper elaborates on availability and key features of motor driver integrated circuits that allow advanced control of these novel actuators.
8th February 2011

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