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WABCO Develops and Supplies Innovative Air Suspension Technology as Standard Feature on Premium Passenger Cars

WABCO Holdings Inc announced that the company has developed and begun to supply an innovative air supply module and electronic control unit that operate rear axle air suspension on two new BMW 5 Series premium passenger car models.
25th May 2011

BWI Group’s twin coil system enables exceptional dynamics and comfort without compromising all-terrain ability

The third generation of BWI Group’s MagneRide is entering production on the Range Rover Evoque as its Adaptive Dynamics technology. The addition of a twin-wire dual coil actuator to the system provides faster response and a greater range of damping control, to deliver very high levels of traction, stability and comfort both on and off the road. BWI Group also supplies the passive twin-tube dampers for the vehicle’s standard suspension configuration. BWI has a long history of supplying premium dampers for off-road vehicles.
18th May 2011

The Steering Wheel is the Driving Instructor

The Steering Wheel is the Driving Instructor. It is already in use for BMW driver training – the TrackTrainer. With the aid of this innovative assistance technology, a vehicle can follow the ideal racing line on a racetrack such as the Nürburgring Northern Loop, without the driver having to steer, brake or accelerate.
11th April 2011

Volkswagen to Use Infineon Sensor Chip in Electric Power Steering Systems

Infineon Technologies AG today announced that in future the Volkswagen AG Business Unit Braunschweig will use Infineon’s Hall sensors in electric power steering systems for vehicles. Infineon’s TLE4998C4 programmable linear Hall sensor will be used for various model ranges. Infineon has already started to deliver the chips.
9th March 2011

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